Duty NCO

Each cadet who is corporal and above is expected to be a Duty Cadet for a parade night at least once throughout the year. The duty cadets make sure that everyone gets to class on time, assists with canteen, and ensures that all the classrooms are clean and orderly at the end of the night.


Date Jr NCO Sr NCO
 13 November 2017 FCpl Akinwale  FSgt Berg
20 November 2017  FCpl Cruz  FSgt Akinwale
27 November 2017  FCpl Derow  FSgt Cayari
 4 December 2017 FCpl Kaminski  FSgt Oreniyi
 11 December 2017  FCpl Lazurko  FSgt Palmer
 18 December 2017  FCpl Peluola  FSgt Supel
 8 January 2018  FCpl Remot  Sgt Aldhaher
 15 January 2018  FCpl Robbins  Sgt Cameron
 22 January 2018  FCpl Salminen-Villarmin  Sgt Oyelami, R
 29 January 2018  FCpl Snow  Sgt Oyelmai, E
 5 February 2018  FCpl Tran  Sgt Parker
 12 February 2018  FCpl Wolfe  Sgt Peluola