Call for ACR Pictures

If you have any pictures from our Annual Ceremonial Review on Monday, May 24th, (especially pictures of the parade / awards presentations) please send them to the website administrator at [email protected] so that they can be posted to the website for viewing by everyone.

ACR Finished

Congratulations to everyone that participated in the 2014 – 2015 ACR!!! Great job by everyone! Congratulations to FSgt. Belsher, S for receiving the Lord Strathcona Medal and to FSgt. Towers, L for receiving the Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence!!! We’ll see everyone at the Awards Banquet on Wednesday at St. Mary’s Hall. There WILL be […]

More information on the Awards Banquet

We will be having our annual Awards Banquet at St. Mary’s Hall on Winnipeg Street on Wednesday, May 26th. Cadets are to wear their full uniform, this is a semi-formal event. Arrive by 5:30pm, the supper will probably be starting around 6pm. We will be having supper, presenting awards and viewing a slideshow of the […]

Summer Saskadet

Summer Saskadet is coming up soon. Start to plan now to be able to attend. This will be the weekend of 5, 6 and 7 of June. Fill out the permission slip below, be sure to bring everything on the kit list, and take a look at the Camp Saskadet Information section that’s also below. Summer […]

Survivair Team

Congratulations to the following cadets.  You have been chosen to represent the Squadron at the Survivair Competition next Weekend at Saskadet. Level One Team members will be Akinwale, T and Peluola, S with Cameron, S as the spare. Level Two Team members will be Supel, M and Chernoff, M Level Three Team members will be […]

Awards Banquet 2015

ACR tickets will be available for purchase next Monday, May 18 at parade night. Tickets are $30.00 each for parents and all other family members that would like to attend. There will be no cost for your cadet’s ticket. Everyone who attends must have a ticket so that we can keep track of numbers for the […]

Parade Night May 18th

We will parade on Monday, 18 May at the usual time. This is our last opportunity to practice for the Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) the next Monday, so please try to be there. Please bring or wear your tunics so the officers can make sure that your entire uniform is ready for ACR.  Spend some […]

Pictures for ACR

There will be pictures taken at the ACR on 25 May. Squadron ACR pictures – $15 cash this includes a cardboard mounted Squadron photo with two 4 x 6 individual poses payable at photo time.

ACR Approaching

This is your graduation from your year of cadet training. It is really important to attend. The date for this Annual Ceremonial Review is on Monday, the 25th of May. Cadets must be at the Armouries by 6:00pm in full uniform. The Awards banquet will be on Wednesday the 27th of May.