Summer Training 2016

It is Summer Training time again! Time to start thinking about what your plans for applying for summer camps are. Level one- you only have one choice- General Training. Level Three and above-you may want to consider a six week Selection Board Course- the packages will be given out next week and must be returned […]

Lord Strathcona Sports Competition

The Lord Strathcona Sports competition is this weekend here at the Armouries.  2Lt Hamm will have the details and a special e-mail will go to the participating cadets mid- week to remind you. The sports competition will be held on Saturday Dec 5, 2015 at the Armouries on Elphinstone.  The competition starts at 0900 and […]

Winter Saskadet 2018

The squadron will be going on a Winter Survival exercise from 5 to 7 Jan, 2018.  A permission slip is available below. Please complete and return it if you want to go.

2015 Christmas Party

There will be a regular parade on Monday, 21 Dec. However, Uniforms will NOT be worn. This will be the Squadron Christmas party. This will be the last parade of the 2015 year. Regular parades will resume in 2016, on January 4.