75th Anniversary

more information to follow:

Attentitive Schedule

Agenda for the Weekend of Friday May 26 to Sunday May 28, 2017

Friday May 26, 2017

7-10PM Registration/Social/Hospitality Suite (room for approx 250)

  • Alcohol
  • Guest Rooms for approx 400 people

Saturday May 27, 2017

                8AM- noon Registration/Social/Hospitality Suite (room for approx 250)

8AM-10AM Pancake Breakfast (Queen Building ???)

    1. Scheduled Events at various locations in ReginaScience Centre                                     Globe Theatre                                      Royal MuseumFlying Club                                             National History                                    Savanger Hunt in Wascana
    2. Heritage Museum                                Spa Package                                          Shopping Malls
    3. Golf PAR3                                              RCMP Depot                                         IMAX(D-Day movie)

*** Where 2 transport to shuttle participants around to various locations at various times, will have schedule ********

2-4  Try to arrange a meet and greet with main speaker for the cadets

6-8          1) Mess Dinner for Adults and non cadets

  • Venue for approx 1000 people
  • Formal Attire
  • Guest Speaker

2) Dine Inn Formal Night for cadets

  • Venue for approx 200-225 cadets
  • Formal Attire
  • Guest Speaker

8-Midnight Social/Dance at both venues

  • DJ or Band
  • Drinks- Alcohol at Adult and pop/juice at cadets venue

Sunday May 28, 2017

                8-10AM Hotel Breakfast for guests – possible voucher

  • Late check out for guests

10-2 Parade at the Legislative Building

  • Parade will be held at noon
  • Military fly-by