Glider/Power Ground School Exam Deadline


3.         To confirm, the only flying exam that cdts will be writing is the final exam available to them at the end of their online ground school (OGS) course through the contractor.  No other exam will be provided to them and the mark they achieve on their final online exam will be the mark carried forward and used in their file review.


4.         The final exam must be written NLT 15 Jan 2022.  For those cdts who have already finished their course, they can take the practice and final exams anytime prior to 15 Jan 2022 – they do not have to wait to write the final exam on 15 Jan 22.  They will only have one opportunity to take the final exam so they must be prepared to sit and write for at least a one to two hour timeframe.  They cannot start, stop and then re-start the exam again.


5.         If cdts have a connectivity issue or progress is not being recorded while writing the final exam, i.e. they cannot continue on to the next question, then please have them immediately contact the OGS help desk by sending them an email and screen shots if possible so they can assist with the issue.  Request that your cdts include sqn CO/staff as CC on their email and then forward it to me so I can track.  Email address once again for the contractor is:


[email protected]com


6.         Once they have finished the final exam, the cdt should receive the following bilingual email from PELESYS: