New Cadet Uniform Sizing Due

4a-Measuring-instructions_Cadet_FTU_parents 4- Cadet Uniform Sizing Sheet



for many of you, the timing of the cadet year and the restrictions to be able to go to the Armouries has put a delay on getting you your uniform.
For the lucky few that were able to come into the Armoury in the Fall of 2020, you should have your uniforms in your hands, or at least been sized ( these have been ordered)by Capt Bisskey our Supply Officer.
We have been advised that the supply warehouse is now filling orders and shipping them to the squadron..
If you are receiving this email then you are a new cadet that has started with us  since 1 September 2021.
Please reply with the following answers
1) you were sized and have your uniform
2) you were sized by Captain Bisskey in Supply at the Armoury, but do not have your uniform yet
3) you need to place an order for your uniform, in this case, please fill in the following sizing sheets and send back to us by 24 Feb 2021 and we can get this ordered ASAP.
Thank you for your time.
OCdt Martin