Parade Night (1900)/Zoom Meeting (1830)

A few reminders for training.

1)   Summer dress – slip-ons and blue shirt or no uniform then professional shirt please

2)   When signing in to Zoom, please remember to sign in as: Rank, Last name, First name, (level)

3)   Complete the record of attendance when you sign into the Zoom meeting, so you get credit for attending

4)  Zoom Invites will be sent to you via email

5) Timing of Zoom Calls

  • 1830 is cadets need to be signing in for attendance and breaking out into the individual rooms
  • 1900-1930 First training period
  • 1940-2010 Second training period
  • 2020 Announcements & dismissal
  • Officers stay for debriefing

6) Timing of In Person Parade

  • 1900 Front doors of Armouries ( wait in your vehicle till you see doors open)
  • ** Please wear a mask and social distance **