The Air Cadet program is free for the basic training, as DND ( Department of National Defense) pays for the following:

  • Uniforms
  • Summer Training and Travel
  • Officer Wages
  • Basic Training and supplies

The Civilian Committee looks after the extra expenses such as:

  • Office supplies such as: paper, telecommunication- data &  landline phone, office equipment- printer, computers,
  • Saskadet- meals, extra supplies such as rockets
  • Easter Trip

Why we Fundraise?

We fundraise to add to the basic training course to give the cadets a bit extra fun to their training.  We also supplement their meals at Saskadet so they are not eating MREs all weekend long.

How much do we need to Fundraise?

In our squadron, we need to fundraise approximately $20K to pay for all the extras we provide for the cadets and officers in a cadet year.

How do we Fundraise?

We offer many different options throughout the cadet year (September to May) to try to engage all people’s interest.  We are looking for more options that may entice the different interests of cadets and families.

We do collect donations or corporate sponsorships to assist in our funding.  A tax receipt is available upon request.

2016-2017 Fundraising Options



  • November 7, 2017  FunDrive
  • November 14, 2017 FundScript orders due
  • In Good Taste (frozen baking for Christmas season)


  • January 9-30 Super Bowl Tickets


  • Saturday, March18, 2017 Silent Auction and Dinner


  • Meat Order


  • May 8th – Donation Drive


January to May 2017-