Stage II Biathlon Competition

Stage II Biathlon 2021-2022:
Good day,

In order to conduct Stage II (Zone) Biathlon for the 2021-2022 training year, RCSU(NW) is
adopting a flexible, hybrid model to allow corps/sqns to conduct the run-and-shoot race within
their local communities. By following the PHMs specific to their community, and all directives
as outlined by RCSU(NW) and CJCR, each corps/sqn will be able to conduct the activity in a
safe and fun manner following SOPs, COVID-19 Checklists, and Activity guidance, including a
Kit list.

In order to participate in Stage II Biathlon, corps/sqns must register their cadets in their assigned
serial in FORTRESS under “Technical Training and Activities by Registration” prior to the
conduct of their biathlon race. Any senior cadets at your corps/sqn may also assist in the form of
a cadet official, and should also be registered in FORTRESS so that it is inputted on their Cadet

The structure of the race will be as follows:

1.        Stage 2 Competition Procedure:  For the 2021/2022 Training Year, the CCOBCS will be
locally conducted run and shoot competitions.  Specific competition details for Stage 2
competitions are as follows:

a. Part 1:  3 km run:  All athletes shall run a three (3) kilometre race.  The course
should be as flat as possible, containing a similar number of uphill and downhill

inclines.  This portion of the race shall be timed and will form one part of the overall
Stage 2 competition.

b. Part 2:  Range:  The range component of the race is a timed event.  All athletes shall
fire two (2) bouts of five (5) shots in the prone position at a distance of 10 metres
using the Daisy 853C rifle.  Prior to firing, each athlete shall perform 20 jumping
jacks to elevate their heart rates.  Firing shall be conducted on the BT100 medal
biathlon targets (if available).  If not available, BT-10 Air Rifle Biathlon Zeroing
targets (paper) can be requested from the respective J4 warehouse, through the
respective Zone Training Officer.  Specific range procedures as follows:

1) All firing bouts shall be in the prone position;

2) Missed targets shall be assigned a 30 second penalty.  If using the BT-10
target, the pellet hole must touch the black aiming mark (target) to constitute a

3) The clock starts with the athlete standing behind the firing point.  When the
Starter says “Start”, the clock will start and the athlete will perform 20 jumping
jacks.  After the jumping jacks are complete, the athlete shall adopt the prone
position and pick up their rifle to begin firing their first bout.  Each athlete has
five shots to knock down all five targets;

4) All firing shall be conducted using single pellet loading only;

5) Once the athlete has fired the first five (5) shots, they shall make the rifle safe
and stand up behind the firing point.  The athlete must then complete 20
jumping jacks and reset the target if firing on a falling plate target.  The athlete
may choose which order to perform these tasks.  Resetting the target should
take no longer than 10 seconds but an athlete may choose to take a longer rest
before firing the second bout of shooting;

6) Athletes firing on paper targets will have a 10-second run-off added to their
time to account for the time needed by athletes firing on a falling plate target to
reset their targets between the first and second shooting bouts.  This time will
be added to the range component when results are submitted to the OPI;

7) The clock stops when the athlete stands behind the firing point after making the
rifle safe at the completion of the second bout of shooting; and

c. Final Stage 2 Results:  The time obtained in the range portion (including penalties)
shall be added to the 3 km run time to form the overall time for each athlete.  Team
members times shall be added together to form the Team time.

All results will be completed by an Officer at the corps/sqn. They will be the designated Biathlon
Officer, who, along with an RSO (Air Rifle) will be each entitled to a half day of pay for the

competition. All participants will receive a Bronze Biathlon pin for their uniforms; to be mailed
out in the new calendar year.