Year 5 Workshop

1. Eligible and registered cadets in the Central Prairie Area will participate in Virtual Year 5
Workshops. The workshops will take place virtually with the cadets and staff participating from
their home residence as follows;
Regina and Yorkton Zones 4-5 December 21. No alternate dates will be run in the event that a
participant is unable to attend the sessions.

2. Regional Cadet Support Unit (Northwest) (RCSU (NW)) Central Prairie Area will
conduct a modified virtually delivered Year 5 Workshops via a virtual platform to be
determined IAW refs, to assist in the development of senior cadets through their final years
within the Canadian Cadet Organization.

3. Central Prairie Year 5 Workshop, will be executed IAW the following:
a. General Outline. Training will be conducted in three phases as follows:
(1) Phase One – Pre-activity planning;
(2) Phase Two – Conduct workshop; and
(3) Phase Three – Post-activity.


  1. Send the 34 Office an email stating your intent to apply for the course ([email protected])
  2. cadet participants registered in the serial will be emailed (using the
    cadet contact email address from Fortress) asking them to fill in the
    Google Form to register for workshops NLT 12 Nov 21. Any cadet
    who has not filled in the Google Form with their selection will be
    placed into workshops at the OPIs discretion and those cadets will
    be sent the meeting requests for the workshops selected.


Air Cadets will wear C3C (without a tie) – Summer Dress


Cadets and staff attending the workshop will require the following:
a. A personal computer or cellphone with a stable internet connection for the
duration of the activity. (recommended to also have a web camera but not

b. water bottle;
c. Uniform (Service Dress/ Routine Training Dress);
d. note book, pens and paper.