Image depicting Capt Gehring
Capt Gehring Commanding Officer
Image depicting 2Lt Martin
2Lt Martin Training Officer
Image depicting CV Caldwell
CV Caldwell Admin Officer
Image depicting CI Simon
CI Simon Supply Officer
Image depicting Bdr Cayari
Bdr Cayari Level 4 Officer / Standards Officer
Image depicting CI Agun
CI Agun Level 2 Officer / Sports Coach
Image depicting Lt McGill-Yates
Lt McGill-Yates Level 1 Officer / Biathlon & Marksmanship Coach
Image depicting Capt Tumac
Capt Tumac Marksmanship Coach
Image depicting CV Allen
CV Allen Drill Team Coach / Support (Stds)
Image depicting CV Collison-Kilpatrick
CV Collison-Kilpatrick Support (Supply)
Image depicting CV Netzel
CV Netzel Flight Simulators Instructor
Image depicting CV Austin
CV Austin Website Operator / Level 3 Officer

The Squadron staff are the adult leaders responsible for our cadets. The officers are members of the Cadet Instructors Cadre, a sub-component in the Reserves of the Canadian Armed Forces. Civilian Instructors (CIs) are employed on a part time basis as civilians with the cadet program, and Civilian Volunteers (CVs) are Air Cadet League & Department of National Defence vetted individuals that volunteer their time to the program.

The primary duties of the adult staff is the training, supervision, and administration of the cadet program at a local level. They do not work for the squadron on a full-time basis; some are students, others have full time jobs, and some are retired.