Image depicting Cadet Activity Program - NOT offered at this time (Under Review)
Cadet Activity Program - NOT offered at this time (Under Review)
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Summer Courses
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Staff Cadets
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Selection Process
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Participation Limitations

Have loads of fun in the summer AND learn lots of interesting stuff while you’re at it! Courses include survival training, marksmanship, aviation courses, drill and instructor courses, along with many other subjects.

Every summer cadets around the country have the opportunity to attend summer training opportunities ranging from the Cadet Activity Program day camps to training courses which vary from two to seven weeks spent at summer training centres around Canada. Over 9,000 Air Cadets take part in summer training. 

International exchanges are offered with the International Air Cadet Association. Senior Air Cadets have the opportunity to travel to many countries.

A number of summer training opportunities are available to eligible cadets. Each squadron is allotted a limited number of positions on the various courses. Decisions on which cadets are to attend summer courses are based on the cadet’s attendance behaviour, and performance during the training year. A cadet must be enrolled in the squadron by March 31st to be eligible for a summer training course.

Similar to the mandatory training program at the Squadron, there are generally no fees or costs associated with attending summer training courses. Living and transportation expenses to and from course are provided by the cadet program. Course cadets are normally provided a training bonus of $60 per week for incidentals and spending money (not applicable to CAP participants).

Cadets are selected for one course per summer, and normally progress from the Cadet Activity Programs to a three week “basic” course, followed by a six week “instructor” level course.

Unfortunately, not all cadets can attend summer training, but it is an excellent opportunity for those who do apply and are selected.  It is important to remember that attendance at summer camps is a privilege that must be earned through hard work and dedication throughout the training year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who conducts and supervises the courses?
A: Members of the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service (COATS) including Cadet Instructor Cadre Officers, Civilian Instructors, Regular Force, Primary Reserve members, and civilian contractors. Senior cadets are also employed as staff cadets to assist with supervision and instruction. The ratio of adult supervisor to cadet is approximately 1:10