Participation Limitations are assigned by the Regional Medical Liason Officer (RMLO) to each cadet as needed based on information provided in the Detailed Health Questionnaire. Parents/Guardians can contact the RMLO at [email protected] to discuss any concerns.

In order to ensure that the summer training environment is safe for everyone participating, certain Participation Limitations that can prevent a cadet from being able to attend. 

Before submitting any applications, you must review the participation limitations for each course being applied for to ensure that any medical needs can be met for the cadet's safety and well being.

Refer to the table below for a list of Participation Limitations that may impact a cadet's ability to apply and be accepted for a summer training experience:

Cadets cannot attend any CTC if they have any of the following PLs:
Cadets may be prevented from attending any CTC if they have any of the following PLs:
Requires enhanced screening for all activities outside corps/squadron area of responsibility; discuss with RMLO
Cadet has a medical condition that may require special dietary needs during an exacerbation of condition
Requires specialized medical services weekly
Must be within 30 minutes of physician services
Unfit to attend Cadet Training Centre (CTC)
May be unable to do significant classroom work or studies
Unfit to attend Nationally Directed Activities (NDA)
May choose not to participate in certain activities
Unable to attend overnight activities
May participate in physical activities at own pace and duration
Unable to participate in drill and parades
May require close supervision

May require extra assistance for daily activities

May require extra assistance/direction in complex and non-routine tasks

May require special care during overnight activities - verify with cadet

NOTE: The above lists are not to be considered exhaustive, other PLs may still hinder a cadet's ability to apply for / be accepted to any summer training experience. Closer review is taken depending on the CTC supports and location. If you have any questions about whether a cadet's current PLs will impact their ability to participate in summer training, please contact the squadron staff for clarification.