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Each cadet is issued a uniform for free from supply. These uniforms cost the Department of National Defence approximately $400 per cadet so it is important that they are properly maintained and kept up to standard. When a cadet leaves the program, either voluntarily or by aging out when they turn 19, then that uniform is to be returned to their squadron’s supply, so that other cadets may utilize it in the future.

Sizing is from 7-8pm on parade nights. All cadets MUST have a signed slip to get sized. See the Admin O in order to get a slip. Uniforms will be issued as they show up and are assembled into kits. Expect AT LEAST two months to get your blues after getting sized and AT LEAST a month to get your green Field Training Uniform. DO NOT go down to supply to ask when you are getting your uniform, you will be informed when it is ready for you. DO NOT take anything from supply without signing from it, regardless of whether or not it has your name on it.

How to maintain your uniform (Video)