Throughout one’s Air Cadet Career, it is possible to receive a total of six Air Cadet Medals. The criteria for receiving them range from four years of service in the Program to “extraordinary bravery” in the act of saving someone. It is also possible for cadets to receive and wear medals that are a part of the Official Canadian Medals & Honours System.

All Cadet medals are worn over your right breast pocket, under the name-tag. Medals that are a part of the Canadian Medals & Honours system are worn over your left breast pocket. It is illegal in Canada to wear medals not earned by oneself; even if they were earned by relatives. Medals are worn in order of precedence; with the highest ranking medals worn closest to the centre of the chest and above other medals. Cadet medals are worn in rows of three. The medals listed below are shown in order of least importance to most importance.

Air Cadet Service Medal

The Air Cadet League of Canada has created an award to recognize continuous meritorious cadet service of at least four years by deserving air cadets. To qualify for this award, a serving cadet must have successfully completed four years of honourable service with no serious infractions, and be recommended by the Cadet Squadron Commanding Officer. Furthermore, eligible service is portable between air cadet squadrons. Air Cadets are also eligible to receive a Bar for the Air Cadet Service Medal for each year of training completed beyond the four year qualifying period. A rosette will also be provided for the undress ribbon.

Army, Navy And Air Force Veterans In Canada (ANAVETS) Cadet Medal Of Merit

The Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada (ANAVETS), as a legacy to its desire to promote excellence and awareness of the Canadian Cadet Organization (CCO), have established the ANAVETS Cadet Medal of Merit). One medal will be awarded to the top cadet, male or female for each course listed below at each CSTC even if the cadet has already received the ANAVETS Cadet Medal of Merit for another course. Cadets who receive more than one ANAVETS medal are authorized to wear only one ANAVETS medal on their uniform. Read More… View CATO

Air Force Association of Canada Cadet Medal

The Air Force Association of Canada (AFAC) has established annual awards to be presented to Air cadets for excellence demonstrated on the Glider Pilot Scholarship (GPS) and the Power Pilot Scholarship (PPS). One medal shall be awarded to the top cadet, male or female, on both the GPS and the PPS at each of the five Regional Gliding Schools; this means five medals for the GPS and five medals for the PPS for a total of ten medals each year. Read More…

Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence

The Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) Cadet Medal of Excellence is awarded in recognition for individual endeavours in citizenship that meet or enhance the aims and objectives of the cadet movement. The Royal Canadian Legion sponsors the program. See CATO 13-16 Annex E for more details.

Selection Criteria:

  1. met all requirements of the corps/sqn annual mandatory and optional training programs;
  2. participated in a minimum of three community service events, in addition to those supported by the cadet corps/sqn;
  3. regarded by peers and superiors as exemplifying the model cadet; and
  4. enhanced the cadet corps/sqn through:
    (1) co-operation with peers and subordinates,
    (2) comradeship,
    (3) promoting goodwill and morale within the corps/sqn,
    (4) aiding in the development of group identity and cohesiveness,
    (5) supporting and assisting fellow unit members, and
    (6) his/her involvement in the local community.

Lord Strathcona Trust Fund Medal

The Lord Strathcona Trust Fund Medal, most commonly referred to as the Lord Strathcona Medal, is the highest award which can be bestowed upon a cadet in recognition of exemplary performance in physical and military training. The medal, Certificate of Merit, and the lapel pin are awarded by the Lord Strathcona Trust. See CJCR Gp O 5027-4 for more details.

Medal Objectives:

  • encourage the improvement of the physical and intellectual capabilities of cadets
  • foster patriotism in cadets through the acquisition of a good knowledge of military matters.

Selection Criteria:

The recipient must have a comprehensive knowledge of the activities of the Cadet/JCR Program and must meet the following requirements:
  1. display a high level of physical fitness;
  2. have completed three years as a cadet/JCR;
  3. have completed all requirements of their corps/sqn/patrol training program in the year of nomination; and
  4. be regarded by peers and supervisors as exemplifying the model cadet/JCR.

Cadet Certificate of Commendation

The Cadet Certificate of Commendation may be awarded by the Canadian Forces to an Air Cadet for outstanding gallantry in saving lives or property of others. This pin is worn over the left breast pocket, below any Canadian Honours or pilot wings. Read More… View CATO

Cadet Medal for Bravery

The Cadet Award of Bravery may be awarded to a cadet who performs an outstanding deed of valour involving risk of life in attempting to save the life or property of others. Read More… View CATO