Ground School consists of classes focused on aviation topics that are foundational to becoming a pilot. The primary focus of the Ground School program offered by the squadron is to prepare cadets to take & pass the qualifying exams for the Glider Pilot & Private Pilot Training Courses. This exam is conducted in December - January each year and a minimum mark of 60% is required to pass in order to progress to the next stage of the selection process for these highly competitive courses.

The ground school program is typically conducted from mid-September to mid-December each year and is held in collaboration with other Air Cadet Squadrons in the local area. In order to be eligible to attend this training you must first be eligible to apply for either the GPTC or the PPTC the summer following the training (16 years old (for GPTC) or 17 years old (for PPTC) by mid-August of the summer following the ground school program).

Here are some resources to use to help with your ground school studies.

Glider Pilot Training Course โ€“ Minimum Requirements

Power Pilot Training Course โ€“ Minimum Requirements

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