How are cadets selected?

  1. Cadets submit their list of choices to the squadron staff
  2. Squadron staff must then create applications in Fortress (the digital database used to manage cadet's files)
  3. The Squadron CO reviews each cadet application and prioritizes them based on merit and level of participation in squadron activities and other factors
  4. Applications are then submitted to RCSU for selection
  5. RCSU will select/course load cadets based on the applications received from the squadron. Understand that there are limited positions available for all courses so an application does not guarantee selection


  1. Cadets and parents need to be aware that medical / participation limitations (including allergies and asthma) may prevent or limit selection for CTC courses
  2. Incomplete personal or medical information in Fortress can also prevent or delay selection
  3. Not all cadets will get the opportunity to attend summer training.