The Cadet Activity Program (CAP) is delivered at the community level and is available for first & second year cadets (Level 1s & Level 2s). Older cadets can attend Summer Courses.

It is an experience that provides cadets with opportunities to build confidence and meet other cadets through participation in fun, safe, challenging, and well-organized activities in their local areas. Activities include marksmanship, CAF engagement, citizenship, sports, various tours, & developing outdoor skills. 

CAP Activities will operate between 10 Jul - 25 Aug. Specific dates and locations will be based on community and resource availability.


Who can attend? First year cadets (Level 1, 12-13 years old) Second year cadets (Level 2, 13-14 years old)
How long is it? 4-5 days 6-8 days
Location & format: Day camps or split across multiple weekends depending on local availability Day camps in Regina with an overnight weekend stay at Camp Saskadet

Note: Cadets cannot have Participation Limitations that would prevent them from participation.

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