Image depicting FCpl Ahmed, W
FCpl Ahmed, W Cadet Correspondent

What is a Cadet Correspondent?

Cadet Correspondents are senior cadets that have attended the Cadet Correspondent Workshop. They can support the CO of their corps or squadron by posting to social media and drafting submissions for traditional media. They help tell the story of the Cadet Program from a cadet perspective. We know that cadets are the best people to tell the story of their experiences in the Cadet Program. The more we can do to empower cadets to tell their own story, the better understanding their friends, family, community and other Canadians will have about the life-changing impact this program has on Canada’s youth.

Why would I want to become a Cadet Correspondent?

Becoming a Cadet Correspondent will give you the tools and platforms to tell the story of your corps and squadrons, and your friends’, experiences in the Cadet Program on a local/regional and national level. You’ll get access to the knowledge and experience of a team of public affairs officers and UPARs and you’ll walk away with a portfolio of published material. You’ll develop skills such as photography, interviewing, social media savvy and writing, as well as experiences like working directly with your CO, working in support of a large event and maybe even working with a Canadian Forces Public Affairs team.

How do I become a Cadet Correspondent?

To participate in the Cadet Correspondent Course cadets must:

Send an email to [email protected] to ask the CO to consider nominating you for the Corps & Sqn Cadet Correspondent position. Once you are loaded, you will complete a web based workshop where you will learn basic skills and complete assignments.

What is the Cadet Correspondent Workshop?

The Cadet Correspondent Workshop is a web based training session that covers the very basics of policy, best practices and skills required to capture and draft quality, engaging content for regional social media streams and to draft hometowners and photo releases for local media using prepared templates. The workshop includes some written and media assignments. The workshop is delivered by qualified UPARs and RCSU Northwest. Based on location, some of the workshops may be held in house in larger urban areas.

What happens after I’ve done the Cadet Correspondent Workshop?

  1. The RCSU (NW) Public Affairs team will inform your CO and send a certificate and the suggested Cadet Correspondent TORs to your corps/squadron.
  2. You will be added to the register of Cadet Correspondents that can be used at Regionally/Nationally Directed Activities.
  3. You will be given access to draft content to the regional social media pages.
  4. You will continue to work with your Zone UPAR to create quality engaging products for your corps/squadron CO to approve as well as be the Point of Contact for Public Affairs and your Corps/Sqn.
  5. You will be eligible to work at a CTC as a staff cadet in the Cadet Correspondent position.