The Cadet Marksmanship Program is a challenging and competitive sports program accessible to all cadets. It develops skills through superior training and Olympic-style competition. This is why every year, thousands of cadets participate in this fun and rewarding program.

Cadets have the opportunity to participate in a series of competitions at the local level that culminate in provincial competition and an annual National Cadet Marksmanship Championship.

Cadets participating in the marksmanship program learn about the safe handling of rifles, build self-esteem and practice focus, engage in good sportsmanship & sport etiquette, and develop greater self-discipline on top of improving marksmanship technical skills.

The Marksmanship competitions happen in 4 phases:

Stage 1 – (tryouts)

The cadets try out for the team at their local squadron and the marksmanship coach announces those who will be competing further.

Stage 2 – (zones / regionals)

The squadron marksmanship team competes against all the other corps / squadron marksmanship teams in the zone / region the squadron is located in. (This means the cadets compete against other air cadets, army, and sea cadets).

Stage 3 – (provincials)

The top teams from each of the regions as well as a few wildcard teams will compete to become the top team in Saskatchewan.

Stage 4 – (nationals)

The best marksmanship cadets in the country will move on to compete against the top cadets from all over Canada. (This often means traveling – for free – to whichever province nationals are held in that year).

Our 2022-23 Marksmanship team competing at Regionals. From left to right: LAC Netzel, Cdt Calisang, Sgt Ayyub, Cdt Alary, 2Lt McGill Yates (coach), and Cpl Tysowski.

Stage 1: 15 January 2023

Stage 2: 18 February 2023

Our cadets placed 4th overall! Check our social media for some photos from the competition.

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