NCO Club

The Non-Commissioned Officers Club is the cadets’ voice in the squadron. NCOs ranked Corporal and above are automatically members of the committee and are expected to attend the meetings.

Purpose of the NCO Club:
Providing goods, activities, funds, and membership to all NCO’s of #34 Roland J. Groome Squadron. The members of the NCO Club (including all executive members) are expected to exhibit leadership and citizenship qualities. The members of the NCO Club shall uphold the Air Cadet motto “To Learn, To Serve, To Advance.” at all times.

Executive Team for 2018-2019 Cadet Year

President : FSgt Peluola

Vice President : WO2 Cayari

Treasurer : FSgt Cameron



Secretary: Sgt. Remot

Social Representative :
Sgt. Robbins
Sgt. Wolfe


Executive Responsibilities & Expectations

Members of the NCO Club

  • Participates in regular meetings- i.e. discuss topics, make motions, present ideas, vote on ideas, decide the resolutions of the NCO Club
  • Participates in the elections of the executive each year
  • Participates in NCO Club events and activities


  • Acts as chairperson of all but one NCO Club meeting (that being the re-elections before the end of May each year)
  • Maintains good communication with the officers and PSC in all regards, ensuring everyone is on the same page
  • Produces and presents forms when necessary (monthly PSC reports, Agendas for meetings, Memos, etc.)
  • Keeps informed and on top of the various committees and positions, ensuring people are doing their jobs and ensuring that progress is being made
  • Act as the NCO Club spokesperson to the PSC and officers with requests, plans, and such

Vice President

  • Act as chairperson for at least one of the NCOs meetings, and is the substitute for the President in the event that they are unable to attend a meeting
  • Assists the President as required
  • Keeps informed with what is happening; maintains good communication with the President

Secretary of the NCO Club

  • Record the meeting minutes for every meeting
  • Presents past meeting minutes at every meeting
  • Gives copy of minutes to President, and to the NCO Binder in office
  • Responsible for publicity of activities, fundraising, etc.
    i.e. produces announcements, posts notices on bulletin boards, sends notices to website administrator for posting on the website, etc.
  • Posts agendas received from President at least one week prior to each meeting, and announces each meeting to members at least one week prior to meetings


  • Responsible for financial records of club (keeps copies of all records in the NCO binder in the office)
  • Chair of canteen committee
  • Produces and presents reports to NCO Club and PSC on a monthly basis

Social Representative

  • Coordinates the organization of all social activities planned by NCO
  • Chairs the Social Committee (Social Committee changes from event to event)
  •  Presents ideas for fundraising, activities, etc.