Members of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program participate in a variety of fun and challenging activities. There is something for everyone – no matter what your personal interests may be.

The outdoor enthusiast will appreciate learning survival skills for flight crew. The athlete will appreciate physical education and recreation, including a variety of sporting activities like biathlon and Olympic-style marksmanship. The artists will find their niche in the music program.

The curious will appreciate the hands-on activities such as building model aircraft. The scholarly will appreciate an introduction to the various tools and technologies linked to aviation. The dreamers will appreciate the evolution of technology and the advancements of the aerospace era, including the importance of Canadian participation.

Select top senior cadets may even earn the chance to represent Canada on the world stage by participating in an international exchange.

Most importantly, Air Cadets aids in developing knowledge of Canadian history and democracy. The cadet program focuses on social development, decision-making and leadership. As cadets acquire skills and knowledge, they pass it along to younger cadets.

Every cadet has the opportunity to participate in flight activities, and every cadet has the opportunity to work to earn their glider pilot license and their private pilot license completely for free through the program. Whether earning a glider pilot licence or private pilot licence, these cadets wear their wings with a pride rarely found in today’s youth.

The program is completely, 100%, free. There is no obligation or expectation whatsoever that cadets join the Canadian Forces or the Reserves.

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