Posted in Fundraising, News on Mar 25, 2016.

Hello Squadron 34 Cadets and Families!

My name is Laurie Carlson Berg and I have been asked to head up the coordination of this year’s Air Cadet League car raffle ticket sales. The car raffle ticket sales are not only an important source of funding for the activities of our squadron, the Air Cadet League also evaluates the volunteerism and community participation of squadrons by their success at selling raffle tickets. As with any activity, the more we put into it, the more we get out of it. For our family, this activity has been a way to better know our neighbours and learn their stories of participation in the cadet movement. As the saying goes, many hands make the job go quicker and more smoothly! Our squadron needs to sell 300 booklets of tickets! The booklets are $20 each or 3 tickets for five dollars.

This year we are flexible in how we would like to achieve our goal of 300 sold booklets. We are asking families to either volunteer their time at one of the shopping centres where tickets will be sold or buy out their volunteer time by selling 4 ticket booklets. Your choice!

Families do not need to buy all four books of tickets at once, they can be purchased one booklet at a time so that the money made back when you sell the first booklet can be used to buy your second booklet and so on. Once again, Tom’s Independent Grocer in Normanview has opened their doors to us to sell raffle tickets from March 31 – April 3.

Attached to this email is a schedule for our first weekend of raffle ticket sales. One cadet in uniform and one parent/guardian is needed for each shift. Please enter your name and phone number OR email on the attached schedule and return the form to this email address. If you have any questions, please call me at 306-596-0458.

I also wish to thank our phoning team who will be reaching out to families who aren’t able to respond via email – a shout out to Elaine Bilson, Kelly Labadie, Jerri-Lynn Palmer, and Linda Sargent for helping me with the phoning. I will be at the armouries this evening so you can sign out ticket books starting today!

Last year, our squadron families worked at three different shopping centres and sold tickets in their neighbourhood or workplace. We look forward to your participation to help our squadron reach its goal and provide our cadets with some great opportunities!

Thank-you for your generous support of our squadron – your participation helps keep our squadron strong!

Looking forward to working together,



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