Posted in News on Nov 08, 2017.

Congratulations to the cadets that were promoted this 6 November 2017:

WOII Belsher to WOI

F/Sgt Vida and F/Sgt Henneberg  to WOII

Cpl Akinwale, I to F/Cpl

LAC Aldhaher,A  to Cpl

Cadet to LAC:  Chakma Dev, A ;  Raji-Oyewole, R

Basic Drill And Ceremonial Certificate to Cpl Zummack

Congratulations to those who received Cadet Fitness Badges:

Bronze- Cdt Braumberger, Cpl Camacho, Sgt Cameron, Cdt Ehrmantraut, LAC Okeeweehow L, Cdt Olulowo, Cdt Salvador, Cdt Yabut

Silver- Cdt Dale, Cdt Degoro D, FCpl Derow, Cdt Jeniuk, Cdt Oyelami I, Cdt Rogers, Cdt Sam


Excellence- FSgt Akinwale T, Sgt Oyelami R


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