Congratulations to the following cadets :

The following cadets were promoted:

LAC Baht

LAC Okeeweehow, L

LAC Okeeweehow, D

Cpl Dreaver

Cpl Bamford

Cpl Sokalofsky

FCpl Tran

FCpl Derow

FCpl Wolfe

FCpl Snow-Van De Wiele

FCpl Fisher

Sgt Parker

Sgt Zentner

Sgt Stroeder

FSgt Palmer

FSgt Supel

FSgt Akinwale

FSgt Cayari



Also given out:



Certificate for completing Military Band - Intermediate Musician:


FSgt Akinwale (Also recognized as Top Cadet on this course)



Certificate for completing Basic Drill and Ceremonial:


FCpl Derow

Cpl Mackie


Provincial Biathlon Championships 2016/17 - Senior Female Team - Silver Medal


FSgt Supel

Posted in News on Oct 03, 2017.