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Poppy Information


Date- Saturday Oct 26th, 2019


Time to arrive at Victorian Club- 0830- new TIME

Time Done: Noon


Address: 1300 Victoria Avenue


Community Service: This is a day when our cadets assist the Royal Canadian Legion with the distribution of poppies around the city.  All Cadets are asked to take part in this very important civic event. Our Squadron does the morning shift only. Groups or pairs of cadets are positioned at various locations throughout the city (malls, box stores, etc) with a tray of poppies.  Remember to always be polite to everyone, accept donations for the poppies with a smile and stay with your partner (except for bathroom breaks).  You do not need to eat (you could have a water bottle with you). Basically, this means that you are doing a job, not “hanging around the mall”. Be responsible.



Travel- The cadets will travel to the Victorian Club by their parents then Volunteer parents (hopefully you) can take a load of cadets to malls and major stores in the city limits


Who is this event for: This is a day for cadets only to hand out poppies. We do not ask for donations and we do not SELL poppies.  Parent Volunteers are desperately needed to transport cadets to and from sites.


Lunch: We will provide lunch from the Victorian club, which is normally a hotdog/Pop/chips


What to wear (it can be cold in the outdoor locations so dress warm)- Wear your Complete Cadet uniform including parka

For Cadets without Uniforms, please wear dress pants ( no jeans), jacket ( fall coat, parka, warm bunny hug), close toe shoes (running shoes, dress shirt


What to bring- water, snacks, positive attitude, smile and manners (Thank the people that do donations)


Please contact- this email if you need to cancel last minute or require more information. Capt Bisskey (Supply Officer) will be your officer onsite at the Victorian club to assisting cadets to drivers and confirm attendance. See one of the officers when dropping off your cadet if you really require a phone number of one of them to call in an emergency.


Parents- there will be lots of drivers required.  Please also check in with Capt Bisskey upon your arrival.


Remember that if you cannot attend, please fill in the absent form on the website

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