Posted in News on Apr 13, 2020.

Congratulations to the following cadets that have been promoted!

AC to LAC (5 months as an LAC) Adah Adesina, T Adesina, O Ahmed Alejandria Atim Ayyub Bondarenko Chakma, P Chakma, S Chase Drumm Fernando, Franz Horth Labrecque Lu Meng Odaware, B Philippe Pockaj Raimi Robert Saba, Ritchie Saba, Richard Sanchez Snider Sywanyk Tawose Thompson Tran Zhu

AC to Cpl (Late Joiners who chose to challenge themselves by starting in level 3, and spent 5 months as AC) Adegoke Lempera Odaware, H

LAC to Cpl (completion of level 1 and a valid fitness assessment) Liu

Cpl to FCpl (6 months as Cpl, Completion of level 2, and participated in the Fall Fitness Assessment) Ghobeh Mohajer Micho, Oluwanifesimi Micho, Obafemi

FCpl to Sgt (6 months as FCpl, completion of Level 4, achieved at least "completed without difficulty" in a leadership assessment, and participated in the Fall Fitness Assessment) Niyogushima

WOII to WOI (6 months as WOII and selected through a merit review board) Kunetzki

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