Posted in News on Oct 26, 2015.

Remembrance Day Services- ALL of our Cadets are expected to attend a Remembrance Service on the 11thof Nov.  It has been confirmed tonight which service you will be attending. (There will be two services in the city that morning- one at the Brandt Centre and one in Victoria Park at the Cenotaph). If you were not at Cadets on 6 Nov, you will be expected at the Brandt Centre. Arrive at the Players Entrance on the South Side at 9:15 please.  Those going to the Cenotaph Service , you will meet at the Legion (1820 Cornwall Street at  9:45 on Saturday Morning). If you are attending a service that day out of town, please leave a message or send an email to alert Capt Hamm, or speak with him on a Monday.  Reminder to all cadets who are wearing uniforms -  Please make sure you uniform is complete, wear it with pride and be on your best behavior when wearing it (You are representing the Cadet organization when you wear your uniform, so do a good job of it). 

This is also a Mandatory Event. All cadets must attend a service somewhere.

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