1. an athletic contest combining two events, especially cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

The biathlon team is open to all cadets who want to attend try outs (even first years), which typically happen in late September.

Once a team is formed, they begin a rigorous training schedule of running practices and learning proper marksmanship techniques specific to the sport.

As soon as snow hits the ground, the cadets will begin working on their speed and endurance on cross-country skis.

The Biathlon competitions happen in 4 phases:

Phase 1 – (tryouts)

The cadets try out for the team at their local squadron and the biathlon coach announces those who will be competing further.

Phase 2 – (zones / regionals)

The biathlon team is split into pairs, who compete as teams of two against all other biathlon teams in the zone / region the squadron is located in. (This means the cadets compete against other air cadets, as well as army and sea cadets).

Phase 3 – (provincials)

The top cadet pairs from the competing regions will compete against the top cadets from all other regions in Saskatchewan.

Phase 4 – (nationals)

The best bi-athlete cadets in the country will move on to compete against the top cadets from all over Canada. (This often means traveling – for free – to whichever province nationals are held in that year).


The 2017/2018 Season

Biathlon Coach – CI McGill Yates

The Team:

Cpl Dreaver – Junior

Cpl Gill – Junior

Cpl Stroeder, V – Senior

Sgt Cameron – Youth

Sgt Stroeder – Youth

FSgt Berg – Youth

FSgt Supel – Youth

WO2 Law – Youth


Phase 1: complete

Phase 2: was cancelled on 4th November due to weather. Awaiting information