Level 4 Aviation Exam Preparation

Level 4 Aviation Comprehensive Review Level Four Aviation Practice Test

2022 Scholarships

In addition to cadets still active in the program as of April 1, 2022, it will now be possible for those who will be leaving the program between April 2, 2021, and April 1, 2022 because they are turning 19 and will be in their first year of post-secondary studies in 2022 to apply for […]

Oct 2021 Promotions & Recognitions

Congratulations to the following Promotions/Recognitions Cpl to FCpl:    FCpl Candelario FCpl to Sgt : Sgt Nwankwor                          Sgt Parkes Air Cadet Long Service Medal (4 Years of Service) FSgt Dale                                                        FSgt Keniuk                            FSgt Mackie FSgt Olulowo                                                  FSgt Oyelami                          FSgt Salvador 1st Bar/Rosette (5 Years of Service) FSgt Adedeji                                                   FSgt Han 2nd Bar/Rosette (6 Years […]

We have gone virtual- Monday night parades will be on zoom. Please see your email.

Virtual Cadet Recognition Night – 07 June 2021

  We will be premiering our Virtual Cadet Recognition Night on YouTube at 7pm on 07 June 2021. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FgE967TJAZhba652PIUSaCXx0ygwWsYg/view?usp=sharing

Sask League 50/50


Promotions for 15 March 21

Cdt to LAC:    Godon, D                   Ayyub, K                    Cox, E LAC to Cpl :  Candelario, G Cpl to  FCpl:  Nwankwor, K              Parkes, J

Aging out Cadets

Congratulations and Thank You for your Time and Service at our squadron.  2 cadets age out on 2 March 21: WO2 Stroeder J and WO2 Stroeder V.

Promotions 18 Jan 2021

Congratulations to the following Cadets on their Promotions: WO2 Peluola, Shammah for aging out  WO2 Peluola, Stephen has received this new rank.

Congratulations on Promotions 7 Dec 20

Congratulations to the following Cadets on their Promotions: CPL to FCpl: Adesina, D      Atim, S           Kumar, A       Newell, L Odaware, B     Snider, D        Srikanth,A       Tawose, I Sgt to FSgt: Agun, E