Sponsoring Committee

Squadron’s Sponsoring Committee

Just like any other non profit organization, volunteers are need to make it work. As a parent of a cadet you are automatically a member of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee. The committee meets the first Tuesday of each month on Zoom . Please plan to attend the virtual meetings  and join in the activities behind the scenes.

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Executive Team for 2020/ 2021 Training Year:

Chairperson: Tamarha Robbins
Vice Chair: Scott Gibson
2nd Vice Chair: 
Treasurer: Bob Parker/ Tara
Secretary: Niel Henneberg


 15 Nov 20-24 Nov 20   Mom’s Pantry


Camp Saskadet Information

For the new families, here is a bit of information on the camp. Camp Saskadet is located near Greenwater Provincial Park on Round Lake. The camp has hard shelters (bunkhouses) for the cadets to sleep in, a recreation building for inclement weather, and a full kitchen and dining facility as well. There are hiking, biathlon trails, a range for shooting practice, and many other amenities. It is a great facility tucked away in the northern bush area of Saskatchewan (about three hours away from Regina).

We take bus transport there and back, most equipment is supplied at the camp. However, we do ask that cadets bring sleeping bags and pillows if they have them. Also, it is critical at this time of year that your cadets have the proper gear for many hours outdoors – good winter boots, scarves, toques, mitts, underwear, etc. We will be asking and checking the cadets’ gear BEFORE we leave on the Friday morning. If you have a problem supplying your cadet with the proper gear, please contact the office on or before 16 Dec and we will see what we can do to help. Our cadets spend a lot of time outdoors (as long as the weather permits), building snow shelters, cross country skiing, learning survival skills, etc. Their is also some free time for them to play sports on the parade square.

Meals are provided by the parents group (Meals are ALWAYS top quality, as someone who has been, I can vouch for that!). I hope this helps you understand what the camp is about. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions. There is NO cost and the only opportunity to spend a bit of money would be when we stop in Wadena on the way up for a brief time. Cadets are NOT allowed to have food in the barracks though, so they don’t need much, if anything. Normal procedure is NOT to stop on the way home. They have a bagged lunch on the bus and then most of them sleep most of the way home. There are usually movies shown on the bus as well.